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Signal Iduna: at the forefront of innovation in the insurance industry

Signal Iduna offers insurance cover (in health, life, property and liability insurance) for more than 12 million people, which corresponds to revenue (from premiums) of €5.6 billion, making it one of the largest German insurers. With more than 100 years of experience in the insurance business and with roughly 10,000 employees, Signal Iduna combines tradition and innovation in the best possible way – as colleagues working together and as an insurance and financial partner to its customers.

To make this possible, Signal Iduna has kept itself well informed about the latest opportunities and challenges of digitisation and works on developing them every day – supported by strong business partners. Curious to become one? Read more!

As the Venture Client unit of a leading insurance company, we help you grow your business in the trillion dollar insurance market.

Real & profitable

Your solution is implemented at Signal Iduna. Signal Iduna becomes your paying reference client.

Mutually beneficial

Your solution is unique in solving our challenges, and Signal Iduna becomes your strong partner. We create a win-win situation.

Fast & fair

signals Startup Client is a fast track to initiating business between startups and Signal Iduna. We do not demand exclusivity and you retain all your intellectual property.

How do you become a long-term partner of Signal Iduna?

First step in the signals Startup Client process: Your startup, your story. You have a great product and match our focus criteria? Then tell us about it! Here, you can share the information about your startup and your solution with us.

Second step in the signals Startup Client process: Our evaluation, our challenge: We evaluate your solution and its relevance to our current challenges. Next, we invite you for a demo meeting to discuss your solution with the relevant Business Unit.

Third step in the signals Startup Client process: Project definition, together: Convinced, we define a pilot project in which we can apply and validate your solution in a real scenario. We send a request for proposal to you. You send a proposal to us.

Fourth step in the signals Startup Client process: Mutual agreement, let’s start: Once, we are both happy, you receive a purchase order and we can start working together. In other words: Congrats, a leading insurer is now your client!

Fifth step in the signals Startup Client process: Long-term business, let’s grow: After a successful pilot project, our goal is to build on that and have a long-term partnership with you. So you can grow your business in the insurance market.

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