signals Startup Client is the Venture Client unit of Signal Iduna, a leading German insurer. We are the gateway for startups that want to scale in the insurance industry.

signals Startup Client enables long-term business relationships between startups and Signal Iduna. We support the purchasing process and help with the testing of startup solutions at Signal Iduna. While startups win a leading insurer as a Venture Client, Signal Iduna has the opportunity to test new solutions quickly and easily.

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We facilitate long-term partnerships between startups and Signal Iduna.

How it works

With roughly 10,000 employees, more than 100 years of experience and € 5.6 billion of revenue (generated from premiums) from more than 12 million customers, Signal Iduna is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany. Its product portfolio ranges from health to homeowner insurance, from disability to life insurance, from legal protection to travel insurance. Signal Iduna provides value-added services that complement its core products and increase the overall satisfaction of its customers.

By integrating new technologies and solutions, Signal Iduna generates sustainable growth and aims at creating an outstanding customer experience. In doing so, the group not only relies on its own innovations but also on collaboration with strong digital partners on the market.

We are searching for startups with cutting-edge solutions.

What we are looking for

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signals Startup Client is part of signals, SIGNAL IDUNA’s innovation ecosystem. The objective of this ecosystem is to adopt new business models, discover new sources of value and embrace change.

Next to signals Startup Client, which onboards startups as suppliers, signals also includes a Pre-seed Program and signals Venture Capital, which both invest in exceptional founders with scalable business models in the B2B sector.